Home Snare

It’s targeting unique site visitors with a physical direct mail piece.

About Home Snare

Bird Dog is creating value from anonymous website visitors. We take your site visitors’ IP addresses and run them through our reverse algorithm, determining their physical home or office address. So in this case, we take the unknown site visitor IP address, find their physical address, and now the advertiser can send them targeted direct mail pieces through one of Bird Dog’s direct mail partners.

The process begins by adding a web pixel to your site, then we set the business rules to trigger a communication with a printing partner, finally the qualified visitors are sent a direct mail piece to their home within 48 hours of initial interaction.

Home Snare Advantage

Most contemporary digital products can only retarget with cookies online. We take the digital breadcrumbs created by visitors and allow our print partners to turn it into a customized physical mail piece, brochure or catalog delivered to the prospect’s home within 48 – 72 hours of their web visit.

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